Business Landline Providers Based in the UK

We offer a wide selection of business landline solutions and are here to make the process as easy as possible for you. Talk to a member of our trusted team today so that you can get the best possible service from a trusted business landline provider. Our services are tailored to your specific needs. Let us help you with traditional calls and lines and telephone maintenance.

Business Calls and Lines

iDEAL Unified Communications help you to reduce your overheads by grouping all of your existing telecom lines together. Our combined service will significantly reduce the cost of your monthly bill. What’s more is it will all come to you in one easily understandable monthly bill.

How Does Your Business Landline Service Work?

We set about transferring your existing BT landlines so that calls are routed to the INS network from the local exchange. This usually via a process called Carrier Pre Selection (CPS). This is all done remotely – so there’s no need for a site visit or engineer appointment. It’s the most convenient option available to your business.

What Are The Benefits of Call Routing with iDEAL Unified Communications?

Lower call costs
Simple transfer, without disruption to existing service
Available at all locations including home-workers
Enhanced web and PDF billing
Single invoices for multiple sites
Wholesale line rental from us offers you full business landline services such as 1471, call waiting and ring back.
We’re dedicated to offering you a first rate service. For ease of transition and use we put all of your existing telephone, broadband and fax lines into the iDEAL Telecom Network – all without disrupting your day-to-day business or lines.

What Are The Benefits of Business Line Rentals?

Discounted rates to save you money on your monthly bills
Upgrade and installation of existing and additional lines
Multiple products, one bill that’s easy and simple to understand each month
Customer services 365 days a year
0800 Numbers and NGN (Non-Geographic Numbers)
No matter the size of your business iDEAL Unified Communications can supply a full range of UK and International non-geographic numbers. We’ve got thousands of numbers to choose from so you can be certain that you’ll have a memorable number to choose from. This number will quickly become associated with your business so that you are instantly recognisable to your callers. This means your callers can always find you – even if you move. For an in-depth look at our inbound services take a look at our Inbound Services page*. *(Inbound link will be provided when page is built)

Quick and Easy Set-up of 0800 Numbers and NGNs

Here’s how and why your set up is quick, easy and efficient:

No time consuming installation
No expensive hardware or software
All numbers quick to set up and easy to activate
A full range of call management options available, giving you full control of your call operations with feature rich functionality
Call Queuing and Call Recording options available, which means improved customer care to all of your numbers and call management services
Talk to our dedicated team of customer care representatives so that we can start a conversation today about getting your business landline up and running.