What we can Offer

In this current economic climate businesses are not in a position to waste money. Our customers realise that to achieve results we need not only look at their bills but also other areas of the business.

At present, employees who currently manage these costs cannot be expected to be an expert in all of these areas. They often find that because of relationships with old suppliers who the company have known for years it is not possible to achieve the best price. There are also internal reasons, bias and time restraints that prevent businesses from managing their cost in an optimum way.

The Ideal Group have years of industry experience and constantly speak to suppliers saving businesses thousands each year giving value and profit back to you with minimal disruption to your daily business.


Business Landlines

Ideal 4u Business Solutions offer a wide variety of fixed line solutions, whatever your requirement from traditional landline telephony through to VOIP. »

Business Mobiles

Ideal 4u Business Solutions offer a wide variety of mobile packages for SME and Corporate businesses that allow customers to access their emails and internet on the move. »

Business Utilities

Ideal 4u Business Solutions provide accurate & impartial advice to assist with helping you chose the right business energy saving investment. »